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Sedalcol – construction of the site

Back in 2010 we pretty much just starting up in our 2nd year of trading and we was asked by the construction manager of a Sedalcol to come on to site and do small work of the construction of the site. As we started doing more and more of the small work we were asked to take over the main contract which at first glance looked impossible but after negotiating payment terms and contract basis we were appointed as the only scaffolding contractor allowed to be used on site. This saw our company turnover take a dramatic increase from 80k for our first 15 month of trading to an average of 40k per month. This allowed us to increase our volume of stock and vehicles and we grew in man power from 3 to 8 and gave us a great resume in industrial scaffolding undertaking confined space work inside tanks, octagon shaped scaffolds around tanks, Edge protection of steel and floor edges and lots of small towers and birdcages in and round machinery and pipe racks.

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