ISO 9001, 14001,45001: Scaffolding Association Audited membership

ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 are recognised worldwide as the international benchmarks for
Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety within an organisation.
By achieving our 9001,14001 and 45001 certifications, ABscaff Complete Scaffolding can
demonstrate to customers and suppliers that the systems we have in place meet the high
standards set out by the [International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)/ British
Standards Institution (BSI)].

To gain the 9001,14001 and 45001 certifications, ABscaff Complete Scaffolding had to
demonstrate our management systems conformed to the highest of standards. Our Quality,
Environmental and Health and Safety all aligned. Our documental procedure and scope of
works continually met in the highest standard conducted in our industry’s SSOW are the key
ingredients to our success. The consideration for the environment and forward-thinking
approach to recycling energy and material waste is important to us as a business.
Constantly striving for a paperless business, we are implementing a system for all
documentation to be digital and accessible for all stakeholders involved in our projects.
Each year, an external Audit is carried out by a third party to ensure our systems are
maintained and any non-conformances are noted for correction.

Managing Director of ABscaff Complete Scaffolding, Andrew Best, said: By achieving these
benchmarks we can stand out from the crowd, demonstrate our capabilities and continually
strive for perfection in our sector. We can approach clients with a like for like mindset and
create business relationships for the future.

ABscaff Complete scaffolding are committed to the 3 standards and are also in process of
gaining our fourth ISO – 27001 We hope to achieve this by December of 2019. The
importance of the goal for perfection is never ending but a necessary journey. Our industry is
constantly and improving, it is our duty to run parallel and even try to lead the way with
forward thinking methods for both ourselves and all the stakeholders in our projects and
industry. This year has been our most successful year to date as we have also achieved the
scaffolding association Audited member status & recorded record turnover and most
importantly profits. We hope to build on these milestones in the next year and years to

QMS Consultant, Ben Frisby, commented “Andrew and his team have worked closely with
QMS over recent month to achieve a number of well-respected ISO certifications,
addressing quality, the environment and occupational health and safety. They have
subsequently developed strong internal processes, setting them apart from their competition.
Their ability to work collaboratively with QMS to achieve compliance and their desire to
embrace and promote continuous improvement throughout their organisation will stand them
in good stead for the future.” Ben continued, “It was a real pleasure working with such a
motivated team who are so responsive and committed to carrying out their responsibilities in
such a controlled and safe manner.”